The Startup Journey: Create a Successful Business Launching Plan

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Planning a startup and its business plan on a paper and working hard to make it live is a long-term process and it requires commitment, hard work, dedication and understanding of all fields required till the launch of your business that creates the startup journey business plan.

You might have evaluated and developed your business idea, worked hard on deciding a legal structure for your Business and might have chosen a name for your business startup, so all basics things are done.

Being a startup you must realize that you need to understand the need of the hour. It’s a lot of little things. In the current trend, everyone is launching a new product which is fulfilling the gap and providing a solution to some problems but some of them failed to mark their presence because they did not manage to make a prelaunch base to their product. This post is about how to make your launch successful and save ample amount of money for promotion and marketing.

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Here is the list that a founder or entrepreneur should keep in mind before getting started with their startup journey to gain more traction, and attention at the launch:

  • Buy a domain name as soon as possible to make it old (somewhere domain age matters); because old domain name with a Launching/coming soon page has good visibility when you will be launching your website.
  • Try to get a server from the same country; this will help you to target a particular audience with ease. Although if your domain is .COM it is considered global but if you have a country specific domain such as .CO.UK or CO.IN try to get a dedicated server and not shared hosting.
  • Make your founder’s social media profile strong, try posting, commenting on similar blogs with relevant content so that people start following you this will help you when you will launch your website. By the time you had a long list of followers who will easily accept your product.
  • Startup’s social media pages: Start your startup’s social media page and start following potential customers and gaining followers, begin commenting from your similar social media account and create a buzz among followers so that they will buy your product as soon as it launches.
  • Open an account with free blog website such as WordPress, Blogspot and start blogging to gather traffic which you can redirect to your website when you launch your website. WordPress blogs also have SEO and other attractive tools which you can subscribe at the affordable price.
  • Backlinks: It’s an important part of the promotion and getting traction. Backlinks create a huge smash on a website’s prominence in search engine results. Once your social media account, blogging making a good impact among followers you can start use of creating backlinks.
  • If your product is under Beta testing or you have launched it, you can promote it by creating an account with these websites, they have free and paid version. According to your budget, you can plan your promotion. You can opt for free plans if your product is under construction because free account takes 2-3 months to promote your startup on their platform.

Product Hunt


Beta Page

Cool Startup Bro


Launching Next

  • Once you redirect visitors to your landing page you can put a Google form to take a survey about your products or the solution that you are providing or you can use survey-monkey to understand what people think of your future product.

Google form | RhinoOffers | Rhino Offers

  • The survey result will help you to give an idea about what features to include in the first phase and what in next phase and how to give freemium account to potential customers.
  • Availability of another web app, free and paid to save your time and money, you can search the lists on product hunt & startup stash according to your need.
  • Check site speed performance: Understand these factors which slowdowns website response time.
  • Understand the importance of Fevicon, Indexing, robot.txt, optimizing images.
  • Make sure your website URL is search engine friendly.
  • Thorough research on keywords for your website.
  • Additionally, research social media influencers and bloggers and reach out to them before you launch.
  • Try beta testing of your products.
  • If you are new to entrepreneurship you can read and gain the knowledge needed for an entrepreneur.
  • Check the latest website theme, because themes keep changing so make your UI attractive.
  • Use of creating short videos with a free app such as Animoto.
  • Use of to create clickable image card to drive traffics directly to your website.

anyimage | rhinooffers

  • Trust badges: Online checkout must have some security features behind them. Many “trust badges” are associated with SSL or secure sockets layer. This badge ensures your viewers that the page is legitimate and that all their data collected through secure third-party service providers. The main benefit of adding trust badges on your website that they can increase conversions, as it ensures users they won’t be victims of online fraud.

Trust Badge | Rhino Offers | Rhinooffers

  • Press release: You can also release your official statement through a press release issued to newspapers giving information on a particular matter. A press release is a written document ready for the media.

Free Press Release Websites | RhinoOffers

There are much variety of means like:

      * Honors or awards

      * Research results

      * Product announcement

Did you really enjoy this post? I mean seriously your site needs to be winning on its first impression, your content needs to be interesting and amazing to your target audience as this will affect your traction. You should make sure that your viewership finds the material and content displayed on your site exciting.

Wantrepreneurs need to keep these points in mind in the preliminary phase, to avoid unnecessary shortfalls and heartaches down the road. Best of luck!

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